So You Want to Be a Rock Star...

You have come to the right place, assuming the rock star you had in mind was Colin Greenwood, bass player for Radiohead. This easy peasy, ten-step guide will show the ropes on how to become just like Colin.

Our hero, Colin Greenwood, of Radiohead

Here you will find myriad quotes and anecdotes pulled from dozens of interviews over the years illustrating Colin’s interests, hobbies, favorite books and music and more. Literally hundreds of photos of Colin, alone or with the band, are archived in the companion Colin Greenwood Flickr sets.

In addition, at the end of each section, there are Resources for the Colin Wanna-Be, links to other sites where you might find additional information on the subject at hand. Learn to speak French, bake, make a Cosmopolitan (and cure your subsequent hangover), be courteous when travelling in any country, plant an English garden, expand your vocabulary, or simply learn to play a few Radiohead songs on bass while you visit, you know, you know, you know.

Radiohead: Thom, Colin, Ed, Jonny and Phil

Now, get going and start with Step 1 — Be Personable. It’s as nice a place as any to begin.


The People’s Choice Awards — Best Music Blog Top 50
BT Digital Music Awards, October 2008

“...An appropriately classy fansite devoted to [Greenwood’s] unique charms...”
Pitchfork, March 2008

The People’s Choice Awards — Best Music Blog Top 40
BT Digital Music Awards, October 2007

“Forget Thom Yorke, bassist Colin Greenwood is the cool one in Radiohead: suave, sophisticated and a man who spends his down time on tour grading entries to poetry competitions. For more about the great man see this terrific on-line tribute.”, June 2007

Horizon Interactive Awards Silver Winner, May 2007

“Your Colin site is a treasure trove of delights for Radiohead fans. We love it.”, January 2007